龍座咖啡Dragon Coffee


Dragon coffee

∎ 歡迎相揪三五好友相聚、家族旅遊、各地旅行業者規劃旅遊...等團聚。
∎ 規劃求婚者,則盡量安排在平常日來哦。(六日及例假日人潮較多,T平台不好單單使用哦)
∎ 有發票,可刷卡,可刷國民旅遊卡。

∎ 大型狗一律安排做二樓戶外區,天氣很熱或很冷時請三思。
※ 嚴禁放任毛孩子奔跑與狂吠。※嚴禁將寵物毛孩放置沙發椅上及桌上。寵物未有籠子或寵物推車/包者,將一律安排至戶外區座位,無法接受者請勿入店。

The reasons behind Dragon Seat: The scenery resembles a dragon chair. Two azure dragons lie on the left, two white tigers sit on the right, while a vermillion bird lies at the front and a black tortoise lies in the back, which shows its unique geographical environment. The room is full of positive energy which may cleanse people’s mind and correct their magnetic energy, by activating one’s own dragon acupoints. The first floor of the Dragon Seat contains 48 seats, while the second floor provides 40 seats (including three rooms), and there are twenty outdoor seats on the second floor. Bookings are available for friends, families, and travel agencies.