中山瀑布發源於舊寮山,又名「舊寮瀑布」,為舊寮溪的源頭。瀑布高約25公尺 ,寬約2公尺 ,聲勢壯觀。


遇叉路走右邊,穿過柚子園,約10分鐘後,可以抵達登山口。 順著小溪右側明顯的路徑緩坡而上,5分鐘後過溪由左側整修的步道前進,過溪時需特別小心濕滑的石頭,上坡時坡度蠻陡的,再走約 10 分鐘後可以抵達瀑布。
Jhong Shan Waterfull originates from Jioliao Mountain, and was also called Jioliao Waterfall. It is the source of Jioliao Stream. The waterfall is 25-meters high, and 2-meters wide. After walking through the Spiritual Fortress of Jhong Shan Agriculture Leisure Area, one should stay on the right at the fork road, and follow along Jhong Shan Road until reaching Cheng Xi Recreational Farm. Park here and follow the gravel road, to encounter an open field. Due to the abundance of wildflowers, one may observe butterflies here for a while. Stay right when one encounters the forked road, then cross the pomelo garden. You will reach the hiking entrance approximately ten minutes later. Walk uphill along the path on the right side of the stream. Cross the stream five minutes later, and walk along the left side path. Beware slippery stones when crossing the stream. The uphill is rather steep. Continue walking for approximately ten minutes, and you will reach the waterfall.