約09:00抵中山休閒農業區→遊客中心報到導覽→ 10:00 單車啟程 → 鐵馬迎風 → 全日單車瀏覽中山休閒農業區(使用兌換券) →16:00 遊客中心開車回程。
※ 好玩一整天旅遊券每人費用: 720 元。
※ 費用包含:一套中山旅遊套券720元內容含四張體驗兌換券。
※ 注意事項:
  1. 好玩一整天、宜蘭中山二日遊等行程只要2人即可成行,歡迎公司行號預約訂購。
  2. 如需交通車來回接駁,請電:03-9954800尚海旅行社。
Reach Jhong Shan Agriculture Leisure Area around 09:00→Register in Visitor Center→10:00 Cycling departure→Cycling for whole day in Jhong Shan Agriculture Leisure Area(use voucher)→16:00 Return journey arrives at Visitor Center
※NT$720 per person for a whole day of fun!
※A set of Jhong Shan travel vouchers includes four DIY experience vouchers.
※Minimum of two guests is required for the trip. Companies are welcome to make bookings.
※For shuttles, please call Sunhi Tour at 03-9954800

  1. 本體驗券除春節期間不適用外,整年皆適用,住宿券限平日使用(週日至週四),需事先預約。
  2. 每聯驗驗券限一人使用,依各業者提供內容為主 ,本體驗券所衍生之其他費用,須自行負擔。
  3. 110公分以上孩童視同成人辦理,110公分孩童,可與大人隨行,但於園區內使用之餐飲和體驗活動所產生之費用,則依各業者規定收費。
  4. 為確保您的權益,欲使用體驗券時,請詳閱各適用農場
●Other than Spring Festival, the experience coupon set is applicable for the whole year, while the residential ticket is limited to weekday use (Sunday to Thursday). Booking is required.
●Each experience voucher can only be used by one person. The content is dictated by the provision of the shop owners. Extra fee has to be covered by users.
●Children whose height is more than 110cm will be charged as adults. Children under 110cm may travel with adults, but the extra fee for dining and experiences in parks will be charged by the premise. 
●To ensure your rights, please read applicable farm regulations before using the voucher, and make proper bookings.