In early times, Xinliao Stream and Jioliao Stream often flooded after heavy rain. After years of water regulation, the flooding was stopped. However, the quick growth of native grasses on the riverbed then obstructed the waterflow. Locals were looking for an eco-friendly solution for a long time. Finally, they came up with the idea of grazing water buffalo, which saved money while protecting local scenery and ecosystem. Through grazing, Jhong Shan Agriculture Leisure Area introduces visitors and students to the local environment, educating them regarding the raising of water buffalos and natural integration. Herding has become a new attraction for education and recreation. More importantly, now there are more variety of plants on the riverbed, in addition to increasing fireflies, egrets, and young visitors. The soul of recreational agriculture lies in the coexistence of nature and mankind. The diversity of creatures serves as the standard of an eco-friendly environment, while keeping the completeness of the gene pool in nature.

Residents believe that we have reached the goal. The original goals of saving money while protecting local scenery and the ecosystem have evolved, now including education and recreation. The Jhong Shan Agriculture Leisure Area was awarded the championship by the Council of Agriculture during the third National Recreational Park Design Contest. This creativity and affirmation will stay in the minds of residents forever.