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拉麻糬 DIY 
Making mochi DIY

一起來親身體驗自己動手做QQ滑滑的綠茶麻糬,喜歡吃麻糬的朋友更不能錯過,從製作綠茶麻糬外皮到包入甜甜紅豆內餡,過程有趣又好玩! 想增添親子同樂 趣味、朋友情誼,亦或機關、學校團體之教學觀摩需求等,都歡迎您與我們連絡,我們將竭力為您安排DIY體驗行程。心動不如馬上行動~
Let’s make smooth and chewy green tea-flavored mochi together. For those who love mochi, it is not to be missed. The process from making the wrapper of green tea-flavored mochi to inserting filling of sweet red bean is intriguing and fun.
If you want to increase family interaction and friendship, or conduct an educational demonstration for institutions or schools, feel free to contact us. We shall arrange a DIY experience for you. Sign up now!