山谷樂生態露營園區Shan Ku Le

山谷樂生態露營園區 Valley Joy Eco Camping Park


Valley Joy Eco Camping Park is located within the Jhong Shan Agriculture Leisure Area in Yilan. Surrounded by mountains, one can experience the natural scenery of Yilan. The park lies near the source of the Dongshan River, beneath the Jhong Shan waterfall, which provides an excellent view. Regardless of being indoors or outdoors, one may truly enjoy a holiday close to nature.

電話 TEL: 03-9680988
手機 Cell: 0911-820455
Facebook: 山谷樂生態露營園區 @chenci.homestay
官網 Web: http://www.edog.com.tw/show.php?my=chenci&p=4217
地址 Add: 宜蘭縣冬山鄉中山路802號