中山雞場Jhong Shan Youge


Jhong Shan Youge B&B



This village far from the city provides a relaxing space to rest after a meal. In this natural scene you feel the real local culture, wide bright space, sun shining, roosters crowing and birds chirping make beautiful music, waiting for you to experience!

One may travel through Renshan Botanical Garden, visiting Jiuliao and Xinliao Waterfalls and Jhong Shan Passage. Visitors may taste local delicacies such as local chicken, eggs, tea, and group cuisine. Friends may gather together, sneak a break, and enjoy delicacies in the sunshine.

LINE ID: a0928837000
電話 TEL: 03-9583303
手機 Cell: 0928-837000
Web: http://youge.ilanbnb.tw/
地址 Add: 宜蘭縣冬山鄉中山村10鄰新寮街408巷69號