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GU YI Living Arts Gallery

茶染布‧創意皮革手作 DIY
Dyeing Clothes With Tea Leaves&Handmade Leather

● 以茶染布,展現「中山茶染布美學」。茶染手巾或布杯墊體驗,須事先預約,4人成行 。亦可選擇大青藍染體驗。        
● 憑券可體驗「造型皮革鑰匙圈DIY」,手作專屬自我的真皮個性。須事先預約,2人即可成行。 

● Dyeing clothes with tea leaves represents the unique art style of Jhong Shan. The tea-dyed handkerchief or tea pad crafting experiences require advance booking, and are available for groups of four. Visitors may also choose woad dye.
● Visitors may experience leather keychain DIY with vouc-hers and create their very own leather ring. The event 
requires booking, and is available for groups of two.