銀山果園Yin Shan


Yin Shan Orchard

銅鑼燒 DIY
Dorayaki DIY
手工蛋捲 DIY 
Handmade Eggroll DIY


1.DIY dorayaki + guided tour + desserts + ice cream sandwich:Made with aromatic rice and scented, chewy free-range eggs, the dorayaki is not only fragrant but also soft and chewy and absolutely delicious. For the number of participants, 4 to 10 participants are needed to run the workshop.
2.DIY handmade barquillos (wafer egg roll) + guided tour + desserts:The delicious, aromatic, crispy barquillos are made with scented, chewy free-range eggs. Groups of 4 to 10 participants are needed to run the DIY workshop. Please make your reservation a week in advance.