祥語有機農場Shyang Yeu


Shyang Yeu Organic Farm

有機綠茶製作體驗-手工炒茶 DIY
Experience Organic Green Tea Making- Roast Tea With Your Own Hands DIY

● 有機綠茶製茶體驗─手工炒茶DIY+品茗+茶點+個人品茗杯雕刻:每日10:00一場,四人成行。(4月到11月開放,20人以上團體預約不在此限)               
● 綠茶龍鬚糖DIY+品茗+茶點+個人品茗杯雕刻:不限時段,二人成行可帶回一盒成品。
※ 以上須事先預約。

● Experience organic green tea making - roast tea with your own hands + taste the high quality tea + desserts + personalized tea cup. One session per day: 10:00, minimum 4 persons are needed to hold the activity. (Between April and November, a group reservation is a group of more than 20 people)     
● Green Tea Dragon's beard candy DIY + Tea Tasting + desserts+ personalized tea cup: two participants together can bring back a box of the candy they just made.
※ Reservations required.