● 手工餅乾、有機紅茶愛玉DIY

綠野仙蹤有機農園 Lu Ye Shen Zong organic farm


1.巧克力綠茶手工餅乾 DIY(4人成行)
2.有機紅茶愛玉 DIY(2人成行)  以上二選一,附品茗,請先預約。

We behave compassionately toward nature, and sincerely to our visitors. You may relax, drink tea, laugh out loud, and explore the local ecosystem while enjoying DIY events and seasonal changes. We look forward to your visit.

1. Handmade cookie of chocolate and green tea flavor DIY (available for group of four).
2. Organic black tea with aiyu jelly DIY (available for two people).
Please make a reservation, choose one of the above with tea tasting.

電話 TEL: 03-9582975
手機 Cell: 0939-582-975
Facebook: 綠野仙蹤民宿 @greenozland.com.tw
官網 Web: http://green.eland.org.tw/
民宿地址 Add: 宜蘭縣冬山鄉中山三路65號
農場地址 Add: 宜蘭縣冬山鄉中山三路53號