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Jeng Fu Tea Farm

「自然友善 安全健康 極致嚴選 完美呈現」是正福茶園的經營理念,用最安全的茶及頂級製茶技術,朝此方向呈現最極品的好茶,融合最新的經營管理方法,提高服務品質,加強產品研究發展,以無毒有機經營為原則,顧客健康為目標。


ZhengFu Tea Garden aims to be natural, friendly, safe, and healthy, and present perfect products. They offer premium tea with the safest non-toxic tea leaves and top tea manufacturing technique. ZhengFu Tea uses the latest management methods to improve the quality of service, while enhancing R&D on their products. Their goal is to protect customers’health through organic management. 
●Tea leaves (black tea, coffee black tea)-Unique combination of coffee aroma and sweetness of black tea.
●Tea production experience-Join the process of a tea harvest and introduction to tea manufacturing.
●Pomelo (shaddock)-Combining B&B in harvest season and experiencing farm life.
●Marketing of handmade products-soy sauce, fermented tofu with pineapple, marinated gourd, and marinated radish

The products of the farm have been approved by SGS tea leaf inspection.

電話 TEL: 03-9583362
facebook: 正福茶園[Fu Tea] - 極致嚴選.完美呈現 @futea.tw
地址 Add: 269宜蘭縣冬山鄉溪心一路39號